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Digital Dancetalks

Digital Dancetalks

Let’s Talk, Let’s Dance…

Dutch Dance Festival presents:  
Digital Dancetalks, Let’s Talk, Let’s Dance…

The Dutch Dance Festival will be opening its digital theatre in 2020. From October 1 to 8 the festival will be inviting everyone to experience, discuss, make and perform dance together, and to meet each other, online. 

From June 10, we will open our digital conference room and start The Digital Dancetalks, Let’s Talk, Let’s Dance.Especially during this time the dance sector feels the need to meet up and share with each other how to cope with the current crisis. The sector faces major challenges and urgent issues. That’s why this is the moment to talk to each other. The Digital Dancetalk, Let’s Talk, Let’s Dance offers online work sessions, organised and/or facilitated by the Dutch Dance Festival. We invite the whole dance sector to take on the conversations about topics that currently are of great importance. 

Book your own NDD-Digital Conference room!

No need to wait until the Dutch Dance Festival initiates a Digital Dancetalk. From June 10, we give you the opportunity to take matters in your own hands and initiate a conversation yourself. Do you feel the need to talk about important topics or relevant issues in the dance field? Or do you have a burning question you like to discuss with colleagues in the sector?  Book one of our digital conference rooms now! 

Start the conversation! Send an email to dansgesprek@nederlandsedansdagen.nl with the following information:

-  The topic/question of the Dancetalk you want to organize.

-  Who you would like to talk to.

-  When the Dancetalk should take place. 

After applying we will contact you for further information!


In the coming weeks, two sessions are already planned for which you can register now! 

Friday June 12, 4 pm - LeineRoebana invites; Choreographers and artistic leaders.

The first Dancetalk is initiated by dance company LeineRoebana. The talk will be led by Andrea Leine and will take place on Friday June 12 at 4pm. For this Dancetalk we invite choreographers and artistic leaders to broach current issues and questions. How can we further develop our work within the current constraints? What is required for this? Which formats and new revenue models are under development? But also, how do we deal with the concept of ‘touch’? For some professions, touching each other is allowed again. How do we, as a sector, ensure that the specific knowledge required for this is not delayed?

Join the session. Click here.

New date - Roel Beeftink-Funcken invites; Young business leaders

The second Dancetalk is initiated by Roel Beeftink-Funcken. He is assistant business manager at Dutch Dance Festival and director of the Delft Fringe Festival. In addition to a new generation of choreographers, the field also has a large group of new / young business leaders. Who is this new generation? Where do they come from (or: what is their background?), What are their ambitions for themselves and above all for the sector? What needs do young business leaders have and what do they need to further their work practice.

Join the session. Click here.

In addition to these Dancetalks initiated by you, the dance field, the Dutch Dance Festival itself will also organize digital work sessions on specific themes. These sessions build on the earlier steps the festival took in bringing the dance sector together to formulate policy principles. More on this later!

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