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Through special activities for dance students and a special collaboration with Kunstbende, the Nederlandse Dansdagen creates a stage and development space for young dance talent.

Student arrangements

The Nederlandse Dansdagen offers students from various theater and dance courses in the Netherlands a tailor-made package. A unique and educational voyage of discovery through the Dutch dance field, where they become acquainted with the professional dance world through workshops and master classes, visits to performances and discussions.

For more information, please contact Axelle de Rore at axelle@nederlandsedansdagen.nl.


Kunstbende is a network organization that discovers, develops and exhibits young creative talent. The Kunstbende competition encourages young people to discover and develop their own talents at an early age. Many artists come from the breeding ground of Kunstbende. Well-known artists who are part of this include: Trijntje Oosterhuis, Martin Garrix, Vincent Vianen, Claudia de Breij, Abdelkader Benali, Janne Schra and DeWolff.

Since 2020, the Nederlandse Dansdagen and Kunstbende have joined forces to offer young dance talent a stage. Young people can participate in 8 categories: Dance, DJ, Expo, Fashion, Film, Music, Language and Theater. The winner from the Dance category performce at The Notorious IBE or during the Nederlandse Dansdagen.
In addition to this unique podium place for the winner 'Dance', the Nederlandse Dansdagen Kunstbende supports the development of dance talent and also contributes in terms of professional content, for example by thinking about a follow-up process with various development moments for the dance winner(s).

Winner in the Dance category of 2020, Dieke de Jong, danced on October 2, 2021 on her mainstage: the Nederlandse Dansdagen! She crushed the audience with her own solo choreography. Farah Nieuwburg, the winner in the Dance category of Kunstbende 2022, was given the opportunity during the jubilee edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen to show her solo to the general public during the battle between Open Your Mind and The Notorious IBE.

Dieke op de Nederlandse Dansdagen

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