The Nederlandse Dansdagen is for everyone and wants to get everyone moving in a way that suits them. Not only on a stage or in a dance studio, but also outside. On the street, in care centers, at institutions for special education and in elderly care. Because dance and movement can give pleasure to everyone. Because they make you aware of your body and what it can do. Because sometimes your body can tell you what you can't catch in words.

In this way we use the power of dance to get society moving around social themes. Driven by our mission, we bring dance closer.

In 2018 and 2019, we worked around our festival on the successful impact project Bloedbanden (blood ties), which we translated digitally in 2020 into an online edition called dansthuis.nl. Stories and relationships between conventional and unconventional families were transformed into movement and dance within the context of their own environment.

And as a partner in the project Dancing against Loneliness by Cultuurmakers Maastricht, we created a stage in 2020 for a project by PRA Muziektheater for Maastricht elderly people in residential care centers called 'Duet op Afstand'.

Dansduet op afstand - Tussen Ons

dansthuis.nl: TERUGBLIK Bloedbanden? #1

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