An important part of the mission of the Nederlandse Dansdagen is to get society moving around social themes with dance. To propagate and strengthen this mission, ND has developed dansWEB together with a broad network of partners.

The power of dance
The goal of dansWEB is to give everyone access to dance. Especially groups for whom access to dance is not self-evident and for which the power of dance can have a positive effect. Everyone can get moving through dansWEB in a way that suits him or her. Because dance and movement can give pleasure to everyone. Because they make you aware of your body and what it can do. Because sometimes your body can tell you what you can't catch in words.

With dansWEB we let the elderly, people with a disability and children and young people in special education experience the power of dance themselves, as a means of communication and an instrument to express yourself. As an introduction to dance or as a deepening of the dance experience, we activate diverse communities in Maastricht.

The power of collaboration
We are joining forces with the elderly care umbrella organizations Envida and Sevagram, Cultuurmakers Maastricht, Stichting Adelante and Villa PiP and (special) education specialists from the Maasgouw (Adelante) and Kaleidoscope as a connector to education in South Limburg. We also work with a number of dance companies that specialize in working with the elderly, people with disabilities or children. The experience of PRA Muziektheater, DADOdans and SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht is of great value within dansWEB. Other dance content partners are various professional dance courses.
With these partners, we enable all participants to participate in a way that suits them. To this end, all kinds of activities take place in their own environment. Such as care centers, special education institutions or locations for elderly care. Here dansWEB makes warm-ups, dance cafes, workshops and performances possible. Participants play an active role as viewer, participant and maker, online and offline, alone or with each other. Nobody has to stand or sit still. Everything is supervised by professionals from dance, care and special education.

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