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Young audiences

You can’t start young enough to develop a love and understanding of dance. The Dutch Dance Festival is building the audience of tomorrow with a programme especially for all age cate- gories from three years. Productions for and by young people stimulate the imagination, open new worlds, are moving and provoke thought. Dancers and choreographers also engage in dia- logue with the public in workshops and anyone is welcome on the dance floor.

Blood Kiss (12+)

Danstheater AYA

Blood Kiss is a co-production of Danstheater AYA and the Swiss Theatre Collective KNPV. In this bizarre and comic piece, two actors, five puppets and three dancers ‘tell’ the story of two misfits who fall in love – an introvert, shy boy who is bullied and a 200-year-old vampire in the body of a girl – in a mix of theatre, puppet theatre and dance. They meet each other in a place where young people hang around. Cold shouldered by everyone, they find support in each other and fall in love. The girl shows the boy that he has to defend himself, the boy accepts the girl the way she is. But how do you do that if you’ve never learnt to stick up for yourself, and if you, as a vampire, have to drink blood every day?


Cecilia Moisio

You miss a deadline, you are aban-doned, your life is full of failure, minor and major. And yet, for some reason, the world around us is most-ly made up of winners and remark-ably few losers. We learn to shine, to achieve, but failure is difficult. Victoryis a show from Cecilia Moisio with Maas theater en dans about failure, and being brave enough to admit it.

luid (3+)

tout petit

There is a large installation on the stage that is played by two women. They use their whole body so that a challenging interplay of sound and dance, music and movement arises. After the production, the young audience can come on the stage to experiment with the sounds the installation can make.

Black Memories

Danstheater AYA / Tafel van Vijf / BackBone

Black Memories – the cast of AYA, Tafel van Vijf and BackBone delve into the Netherlands’ colonial history with an open mind. The starting point of this powerful dance and musical production, that has been nominated for the ‘ Swan for the most impressive dance production 2019’, was the experience of the dancers, actors and musicians themselves. What is like to live in the Netherlands if you have a mixed heritage?

een klein beetje publiekscontrole

155 / eenvijfvijf

155 (onefivefive) won the Dutch Dance Festival Young Audiences Prize in 2018. The breakdance collective will be using the prize money to conduct research that can be followed 24/7 during the festival via a livestream. 

Mankind (6+)

de Stilte

Mankind represents just the tril-lionth part of the pinhead Earth, perhaps that’s why we’re always looking for confirmation, comfort and freedom, even if it means curtailing the freedom of others. 

Between Us

The Ruggeds

There are friends and then there is family, but what if your friends are your family? The Ruggeds have known each other since their teenage years. They grew up together and became their own version of a family, not because of DNA, but because of their shared experience. In Between Us, the crew invites you to find out what drives them.

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