Digital Dancetalks

The Dutch Dance Festival is structurally committed to bringing the dance sector together to formulate joint policy principles. On October 7, the first edition of this conversation took place during the Dutch Dance Festival Digital, which you can view here. A total of three plenary dance discussions will take place between invited guests under the direction of Hadassah de Boer on specific themes. These conversations are freely accessible to both professionals and the general public.

The purpose of the digital dancetalks is on the one hand to discuss topics that are important to the dance sector in a broader context and on the other hand they serve as input for the document to be written "discourse for a new phase in Dutch dance 2025-2028". We will present this document on behalf of the entire dance sector to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science in 2022.

The second digital dance conversation is all about the new creatorship. We enter into a conversation and try to formulate answers to questions such as how young and mid-career choreographers want to work and whether this new work fits into the dance landscape as we know it today. Are the existing structures still tenable or are other structures necessary and conceivable for the makers of tomorrow? What role do the large companies in the BIS have in training a new generation of makers and how does this policy work for these makers. The renewal of the dance landscape will only work if the subsidy system also grows with the new makers, how do subsidisers such as a national fund and a municipality view a new route for subsidy, what examples are already available and how can we create growth and space for the makers?

For the edition of November 4, the online table guests are Dennis Stam, Deputy Director of the Performing Arts Fund, Marcelle Hendrickx, Alderman for Culture Tilburg, Samir Calixto, independent choreographer, Ronald Wintjens, director of Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen and Indirah Tauwnaar, artistic director and director of House of urban arts.

The Digital Dancetalk takes place via Zoom
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December 2, 4.00 PM | The last Digital DanceTalk on Fair Practice and Diversity & Inclusion

The theme that will be discussed in December are the two topics that have dominated the conversation in the dance sector in recent years, namely fair practice and diversity & inclusion. We will enter into dialogue and try to formulate answers to questions such as what the consequences are of the corona crisis with regard to these important topics for the dance sector and how the implementation of the codes is still being managed and encouraged. We also discuss how these topics are tackled within large and smaller cultural organizations, specifically dance and performing arts festivals and companies. We wonder what it takes to give shape to the implementation of implementation. Given the corona crisis, is the discussion still top priority and if not what needs to be done to re-prioritize this? What role do the large companies have in the BIS to be at the forefront of this and what examples are there already of implementation. How does the dance sector as a whole contribute to a more diverse and inclusive cultural sector and the creation of a better working climate for workers in the dance sector of the future. and

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