Overview dance prices (the Zwanen):
The ceremony will take place during the Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen in Maastricht.

- Zwaan for the most impressive dance production.
- Zwaan for the most impressive dance performance.
- Gouden Zwaan for the dancer or choreographer working in the Netherlands who has made a major contribution to Dutch dance with his or her career. The Golden Swan (Gouden Zwaan) has no nominations and is not awarded annually.

Dance jury 2020/2021
The Dutch Dance Jury determines the nominees and winners of the VSCD Dance Awards. This jury is also the program editor of the Nederlandse Dansdagen. She selects about ten performances that express the developments in Dutch dance and will be shown during the festival.

- Rob van Steen (chairman), director Theaters Tilburg
- Iselle Claassens, programmer Parktheater Eindhoven
- Brigitte De Goeij, De Goeij Culture and Business
- Geesje Prins, programmer Zuiderstrandtheater
- Swantje Schäuble, dancer, publicity De Châtel surplace
- Marcelle Schots, journalist
- Leo Spreksel, dramaturg/advisor
- Violien Vocks, programmer Parkstad Limburg Theaters

About the price
The winners will receive a sculpture made by choreographer and visual artist Toer van Schayk.

The VSCD Dance Awards are made possible by the Podium Gift Card, which is issued by the Foundation for Theater and Concert Visits. The SPTC is our loyal and unconditional industry support partner for the VSCD awards. As a sponsor, it also offers the guarantee in 2021 that the prizes can be awarded.

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