Anne-Beth Schuurmans

Winner Dutch Dance Festival Young Audiences Prize 2020

Anne-Beth Schuurmans won the Dutch Dance Festival Young Audiences prize in 2020. As a dancer, choreographer and curator, Anne-Beth has been creating interdisciplinary performances for the little ones for twelve years. During the Dutch Dance Festival 2021, her latest production Stuk (Broken) is a new situation will premiere.

Stuk (Broken) is a new situation

Stuk (Broken) is a new situation contrasts the romantic image of nature with man, who irreversibly changes the landscape with his interventions. Can we destroy the landscape? When a mountain gives way to a city, is the mountain broken?

Anne Beth tries to create a physical experience with projections and numerous attributes. After the players enter into a dialogue between dance, image and sound in the first part of the performance, in the second part the children are invited to the play floor together with the makers. They are allowed to touch all the material and are challenged to participate themselves. Subsequently, the performers disappear from view and the installation becomes the domain of the children with their parents or supervisors.


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