Jiří Kylián Ring


During the festive opening of the eighteenth edition of the Holland Dance Festival with NDT, the Jiří Kylián Ring will be presented for the eighth time. In 2020, the Ring was received by Marian Sarstädt. She will now be passing on the prestigious award to someone who has made a significant and inspiring contribution to dance in the Netherlands.


The Jiří Kylián Ring was initiated in 2006 by the former director of the Dutch Dance Festival Leontien Wiering and the artistic director of the Holland Dance Festival Samuel Wuersten. The Ring was created in 2006 out of admiration for Kyliáns mastery. Kylián was asked to pass the Ring on in due course to an artist who, like himself, was a source of inspiration and innovation within the world of dance. At the Dutch Dance Festival in 2008, he passed on the Ring to choreographer Michael Schumacher, who was praised for his ‘improvisation skills, the enthusiasm he conveys to young dancers, and his passionate collaboration with artists from other disciplines’. The Ring was designed by Hans Appenzeller and consists of a set of 14 rings; one ring for each letter of the award. The rings are on a ring measuring stick and vary in size. The recipient of the award can choose a ring that fits and keep it when he or she passes on the award. A new ring is made for the empty place on the ring measuring stick. The winner also receives a financial incentive of five thousand euros from the Jiří Kylián Foundation.

Below the overview of all winners of the Kylián Ring from 2006 until now

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