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Price of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht

Will you soon be strengthening the jury for the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht?

The Dutch Dance Festival is looking for professionals from the cultural sector to strengthen the jury panel of the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht. Are you working in the cultural sector? And would you like to use your expertise and knowledge in the field of dance to offer promising choreographers an opportunity to create new and innovative work? Then we are looking for you.

About the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht

The Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht is an incentive prize for promising choreographic talent that does not (yet) receive a structural subsidy. With the prize of € 10,000, which is made available by the Municipality of Maastricht, the winning maker can develop a new work, which will be premiered during the next edition of the Dutch Dance Festival.

Prize winners from past editions

The Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht is awarded annually during the festival. In 2019 the prize was presented to Connor Schumacher. In 2020 he premiered Pilot PC during the digital edition of the Dance Days. A unique way to experience dance both offline in the room and online. Winner in 2020 was Roshanak Morrowatian with her concept for the performance Kites, which will premiere during the Dutch Dance Festival 2021.

What you are going to do

After the nomination period has closed (17 May 2021), the jury members will receive a document with an overview of all valid entries. From this, 3 nominees are selected. The selection will take place online on Wednesday 2 June. The nominees will be announced on August 1, 2021. On Wednesday, September 8, the nominated makers will pitch their plan for the new work to be created to the jury in Maastricht. The final winners will be announced during the Evening of the Dutch Dance (September 30, 2021).

  • The expected time investment is 14 hours
  • To be able to sit on the jury, presence during the pitches is mandatory
  • Selection can be made remotely (online)

What we offer

In connection with continuity, the jury membership is valid for a period of 4 years, 2021 - 2024. We would be happy to welcome you during The Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht and reimburse the travel and accommodation costs incurred in Maastricht. The jury membership is an unpaid position.

Contact information

Send your motivation and CV before Monday 12 April 2021 to Ilona van den Brekel to If you have any questions, you can always call the office of the Nederlandse Dansdagen: 043 - 303 00 30.

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