Hans Tuerling


Hans Tuerlings (Tilburg, 1951) is a Dutch choreographer who found space for his first works at the then Werkcentrum Dans conducted by Kathy Gosschalk. In the 1970s and 1980s he made work for, among others, Nederlands Danstheater, Scapino Ballet, Introdans, Bart Stuijf and Reflex. Between 1990 and 2006 he caused a furore with his own company Raz, with which he breathed new life into the dance below the rivers. In 2000 he received the choreography prize of the Dutch Dance Days and in 2005 his production Nieuwe Blijdschap was nominated for a Swan. Dancers who gave face to Tuerling's work at the time include Linhares Junior, Jan Zobel, José Way, Gabi Sund, Erika Winkler, Inari Salmivaara, Aline Barbou van Roosteren, Duda Paiva, Gavin Louis, Susan Ohman and Karl Schappell. Tuerlings' work is characterized by a transverse beauty in which the intelligence and melancholy of both the small and the large gesture transcend technical perfection and give relief. In the nearly one hundred dance productions that Tuerlings has realized, he puts the discomfort of human relationships into perspective and has worked tirelessly to let dance's ability to put things into perspective speak.

Tomasso Bianchi

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