Jop Vermeesch

Artistic leader of the HFC crew foundation

Artistic leader of the HFC crew foundation. Has been committed to strengthening the urban community in Heerlen for years. He facilitates dancers where they need it. He does this through coaching, network, fundraising and advice. He himself once started as a dancer at the age of 15. Breaking was something he was involved in every day. It has become such an essential part of his life that he has decided to make it his profession. At the age of 21 he registered with the Chamber of Commerce and entered the dance field as an entrepreneur. Initially, the aim was to teach dance schools in the region and to develop a new generation of breakers. Then came a producing and programming role in the festival The Notorious IBE that came to Heerlen in 2008. Heerlen is located in a shrinking region, so investing in young people and new cultures is essential to build the image of the region.

After a number of years of teaching and organizing, a modest break community arose in Heerlen. They met on Pancratiusplein. There was no indoor spot to train every day. These emerging breakers had so much talent that it was decided to rent a space together. Here you can train every day and experience enormous growth as an artist. To pay for all this, Jop had decided to set up a dance studio for the community, HFC dance studio.

From this point on things got tough. Very hard! HFC crew took a lot of titles at home and abroad. During the Dutch Breaking League, the crew of 3 of the 6 categories took 1st place. In addition, the crew has only been allowed to dance finals during the Urban Dance Days since 2017. Jop never thought he could push his boys this far. This is of course only the beginning. He never expected the participation of his students in the Redbull Holland Cypher, Silverback (Philly, USA) and Radikal Forze Jam (Singapore).

He strives to introduce breakers as much as possible to the different directions they can go in dance. For example, together with Mami Izumi, he made the piece Dreamers, which premiered at Cultura Nova. In collaboration with the Schrittmacher Festival, we are currently working on the new performance of HFC crew called 85%.

In addition to this active role in breaking, he also had the opportunity to work as a Matchmaker culture in a period from 2017 - 2020. The assignment: to bring the urban community from Heerlen in contact with the FPK, FCP and the VSB fund. But the funds again advise how to serve this community. Starting from their needs and responding to them has always been his advice. In the province of Limburg this has now led to thinking along about policy issues within culture. Developing a solid vision for Urban Culture in order to see them as a fully-fledged culture form is therefore an aim. In this way he hopes to be able to position Heerlen as the urban capital of Limburg in the coming years.

But it doesn't stop here. He can now call himself director of the sick teachers foundation and the Dutch Breaking League foundation.

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