Dance Awards

Festival and VSCD Awards

The Nederlandse Dansdagen gives an impulse to Dutch dance by supporting emerging talent with guidance and prizes. The Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht, the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Young Audience and the prestigious Zwanen each individually and jointly highlight current developments and exceptional dance talent.

The Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht is an incentive prize for promising choreography talent who does not (yet) receive a structural subsidy. The nominees are nominated by professionals from the dance field and dance enthusiasts, a jury selects the winner. The jury consists of professionals and dance enthusiasts working in the cultural sector with expertise and knowledge in the field of dance. The winner of the prize will receive a financial support of € 10,000, which will be made available by the municipality of Maastricht. This allows the winning creator to develop a new work. This work, or a specially developed preliminary research in the run-up to the thesis, will premiere during the next edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen.

The Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Young Audience is also an incentive prize for choreography talent that does not (yet) receive a structural subsidy. This prize aims to stimulate the innovation of dance for young audiences from 4 to 18 years in the Netherlands. In this case, too, the winning choreographer will premiere the new work during the next edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen.

The Swans are the dance prizes of the Association of Theater and Concertgebouw Directors (VSCD). These 'Oscars' of Dutch dance have been associated with the Nederlandse Dansdagen since 2003. All nominated companies, choreographers and dancers have delivered exceptional artistic quality in the past season. The prize is a beautiful bronze sculpture made by choreographer and visual artist Toer van Schayk. The VSCD Dance Awards for the 2019/2020 & 2020/2021 season were awarded during the last edition of the Dance Days.

Swans are presented in two categories: the Swan for most impressive dance performance and the Swan for most impressive dance production.
In addition, the VSCD also awards the Golden Swan. This prize is presented to a dancer or choreographer working in the Netherlands who has made a major contribution to Dutch dance with his or her career. The Golden Swan has no nominations and is not awarded annually.


During the evening of Dutch Dance on Thursday, September 30, 2021, a new dance prize was presented. The youth dance field and youth dance is livelier, larger and more relevant than ever. The new youth dance prize will therefore be awarded for the first time during the upcoming 25th edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen in 2022. This prize was created on the initiative of the entire youth dance field. This prize finally responds to a long-standing wish for recognition of the growing importance, quality and innovativeness of youth dance in the Netherlands, as is commonplace within the adult circuit. Two achievement awards will be presented: one for most impressive production and one for most impressive achievement. The prize relates to performances with a target audience of 2 to 18 years.

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