27 OKT
SPRING in Autumn | 27 - 31 Oct

SPRING Performing Arts Festival and SPRING in Autumn are international performing arts festivals. Their programmes form a plea for art that is concerned with the state of the world, that derives its urgency from taking a stand, that is not afraid of experimenting and tries to find new forms to provide adequate responses to new problems, that has the guts to seduce and challenge, to conquer and confront
27 OKT
IBUIBU BELU: Bodies of Borders | Eko Supriyanto

After years of field research, the Indonesian choreographer Eko Supriyanto knows almost everything about dancing in the Indonesian archipelago. As always in his work, IBUIBU BELU: Bodies of Borders also has an underlying political message: what is the impact of borders on human body, memory and mind?
27 OKT
L’Haal | Khalid Benghrib

In L'Haal, Benghrib revives his childhood excitement. Together with nine dancers and four percussionists, under the direction of the famous Gnaw master and guembri player Hassan Boussou, he gives a contemporary twist to Moroccan sacred music and Sufi dance.
28 OKT
orthopedica corporatio | Marina Mascarell

In her new performance orthopedica corporatio, Marina Mascarell celebrates the power of heterogeneousness, the perfection of imperfection, and the intelligence of the body and the senses.
29 OKT
Ensaio uma para Cartografia | Mónica Calle and Casa Conveniente e Zona Não Vigiada

In this show created by the Portuguese theatre maker Mónica Calle we bear witness to the strength of women, to human strength and the power of imperfection. Twelve actresses – a cast that reflects the diversity of humankind and of womankind – attempt to execute classical dance routines and perform a complex symphony.
30 OKT
Liefde en dan (Love and then) | AYA

In Liefde en dan, choreographer Anne Suurendonk goes in search of other love stories than those presented in romantic films and books. Realistic love that doesn't come naturally, but that you have to fight for.

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