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Without dance in the Netherlands no Nederlandse Dansdagen.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is more than a 7-day festival, we are available all year round for the dance field, the dance enthusiast and the dance explorer.

On this page you will find an overview of all Dutch premiere moments of dance performances and festivals that celebrate dance!

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28 MAA
The Ritual | Sedrig Verwoert

One ritual, two bodies. The transformation, step by step, into a new identity. How do you find space within yourself to change? And how do you embark on the quest to connect with the space around you, and to connect with each other? The body is central, in a moving transformation: together they form a new world.
29 MAA
CYBORG DNA | Robin Nimanong

Cyborg DNA recreates human measurements in an unfathomable scale, closer to the truth. A futuristic performance installation with digital art, modular music and contemporary dance. A hypersensitive, hypnotising cyber undergoing of infinite progress.
31 MAA
Forever Young | Daan Schuurmans, Denzel Chain en Sherefa Yorks

Live with the highs and lows of music legend Liam Nova on his way to the top of the music industry, a 360˚ theater show inspired by the mythical club of 27. Get ready for this crossover of dance, theatre, film and electronic music in which you on the dance floor is dragged into the glorious and dark sides of a life in the spotlight. A story that we know so well from the pop idols who lost their lives too young in recent decades. The leading roles are played by Daan Schuurmans, Denzel Chain and Sherefa Yorks


Two Tales - Free at last | Danae & Dionysios

Intriguing dance rituals and the intense and mystical atmosphere make this dance piece an overwhelming experience. Free at last is based on a well-known Greek myth about the struggle for independence. A group of women dance their last dance on the edge of a cliff as a sign of resistance. With their homeland and ancient Greek stories as sources of inspiration, the choreographer duo Danae & Dionysios create an atmospheric and penetrating dance piece about the cycle of life and traditions that are passed on from generation to generation.
Two Tales - The Mourning | Erika Silgoner

The dance piece The Mourning is a love story, farce and tragedy all-in-one. From her Sicilian background, choreographer and theater maker Erika Silgoner creates a lively and cinematic choreography with eight dancers. Sadness, humor, irony, passion, and hilarious moments alternate. With breathtaking partnering and virtuoso dance, Silgoner manages to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning to the surprising end.
Second Life | Jasper van Luijk

A layered and intimate duet, inspired by the well-known choreography of Hans van Manen (Live, 1979). More than forty years later, choreographer van Luijk chooses for a new perspective. With the intervention of a cameraman, the dynamics between the dancers on stage change and the audience is taken into a parallel story on film. The dancers get caught up in a search for stability and identity in which their love gives way to egocentrism. Both dance the role of their lives. But when the curtain falls there is no turning back. Is it a dance performance or film? Second Life is a contemporary dance performance about the desire for a new identity; a second life. A layered performance designed from different perspectives. Because how irresistible is a second life?



“IRC ONE” is an energetic and compelling performance by the core members of IRC; a story about brotherhood, expression and individuality; a hymn to the culture that brought them together.
11 MEI
Dorian (14+) | Dutch National Ballet-Juior Company and ISH Dance Collective

Following the successes of Narnia and GRIMM, Dorian (14+) is the third joint production by choreographers Ernst Meisner and Marco Gerris. For their adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray, the famous book by Oscar Wilde from 1891, the two choreographers have opted for a thriller-like approach, filled with tension and suspense, for adults and adolescents.
11 MEI
Raw are the roots | NDT 1

Raw are the roots presents two special world premieres by internationally acclaimed artists Felix Landerer and choreographer duo Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar.
18 MEI
Songs and Silences | OFFprojects

Songs and Silences is a new, interdisciplinary and fascinating work by OFFprojects, the collective of ex-NDT and Batsheva dancers centered around the work of artistic director Amos Ben-Tal. In Songs And Silences dance, music and text take you into an experience in which different senses are addressed and stimulated. Songs And Silences is not a usual full-length dance performance, it is an evening consisting of a number of shorter works. For three hours, the eight performers repeat a series of dance solos, poems and guitar works (performed live by Amos), creating a hypnotic mosaic. When you buy a ticket, you choose your start time. How long you stay is up to you (we recommend a visit of at least 45-60 minutes). In this way, each visitor creates their own unique experience. Both personally and together. Songs and Silences invites you to embark on a journey with yourself, other audience members and the artists in search of new perspectives.
20 MEI
Mind over Matter | Constantin Trommlitz

With his first own performance, Constantin challenges himself and his audience in several ways. Mind over matter is a highly personal work about the effects of living with obsessive compulsions; what this means for the person suffering from it, but also how numbing and frustrating it can be for their loved ones. How does it feel for them not to be seen, not acknowledged? Dance inspired by breaking and contemporary styles meets technology in an exhausting duet of two female dancers under the all-seeing eye of a pair of drones.
25 MEI
HubClub | Introdans

Introdans celebrates the power of diversity with a contemporary dance program: the HubClub. The artists of the HubClub are irresistible and blow everyone out of their (wheel) chair. A selection of top Dutch dance performers come together. The atmosphere of the evening is that of a nightclub: the audience sits relaxed at tables around a dance floor and is treated to acts from the diverse/inclusive professional dance art. The line-up consists of a diverse mix of dancers and makers of Introdans and guest makers and dancers. The HubClub is a showcase of irresistibly attractive inclusive dance art.
28 MEI
House of Strength | Roshanak Morrowatian

After a series of impressive solos, Roshanak Morrowatian now presents her first group production. House of Strength is a spiritual, physical, and musical performance where the versatility of man is celebrated. The choreography transforms an ancient ritual, originally from Persia, into contemporary inclusive dance that celebrates the power of the collective.


FRAME | DansBlok

FRAME is a duet about finding balance and discovering each other's boundaries. Who speaks and how do you listen? Can you trust each other, support each other and when do you dare to let go? Inevitable questions when you're confronted with someone else in one space, in one conversation.
10 JUN
Forsythe festival | William Forsythe

If one choreographer has influenced and guided the development of contemporary dance, it is William Forsythe. The traditional logic and dynamics of ballet have been turned upside down by him. Dutch National Ballet is proud to present a program featuring three of his masterpieces for the first time: The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, Pas/Parts 2018 and the Dutch premiere of the internationally acclaimed Blake Works l.
22 JUN
End of Season | Introdans

At Introdans, the summer really starts with the performance End of Season: the festive conclusion of the dance season. True to tradition, Introdans always presents a sultry and diverse program full of highlights and new works in June. This year too, the roof can be taken off with a dazzling performance. In addition to a look back at the 2022-2023 season, there is also the Introdans premiere of SH-BOOM! by choreography duo Paul Lightfoot and Sol León. A light and airy work full of humor with which your summer period starts wonderfully.

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