Dance all year round!

Without dance in the Netherlands no Nederlandse Dansdagen.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is more than a 7-day festival, we are available all year round for the dance field, the dance enthusiast and the dance explorer.

On this page you will find an overview of all Dutch premiere moments of dance performances and festivals that celebrate dance!

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22 JAN
Confetti | Introdans

In Confetti, Introdans presents a colourful array of dance: from urban to classical. Throughout this season the company is celebrating a golden jubilee Introdans was founded 50 years ago. And this show is a must-see for everyone aged 6 and above.


Back Late Beethoven: Reimagined | Calder Quartet, Antoine Hunter, Zahna Simon

Feel the music through vibrations. It is said that that is how Beethoven was able to keep composing when he became deaf. Dancers Antoine Hunter and Zahna Simon prove to the extreme how well this is possible. Although they are deaf, they have learned to interpret the vibrations of the music, to create complex choreographies and thus express themselves through dance in a mix of jazz ballet and urban dance.
Traces left within | Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 1)

Traces left within presenteert de terugkeer van Jiří Kyliáns Toss of a Dice (2005) en twee nieuwe creaties van Marco Goecke en Marina Mascarell. Het NDT 1-programma vormt een verzameling van sterke choreografische stijlen, die elk uniek en verschillend zijn, maar verbinding vinden in hun ongeremde aanpak. De voorstelling wordt live begeleid door Het Balletorkest.
Holland Dance Festival

241 / 5000 Vertaalresultaten From 3 to 19 February 2022, The Hague will be dominated by international dance. For the eighteenth time, Holland Dance Festival will open a window on the world for three weeks in The Hague, Amsterdam, Delft, Tilburg and Rotterdam.
FOUR | De Dansers - choreographer Josephine van Rheenen

Three performers travel through the seasons. From the subterranean silence in winter to the miracle of new life in spring; from summer freedom and infatuation to autumnal romance and nostalgia.
10 FEB
Bruce Marie | Duda Paiva Company

Bruce Marie is based on an unstoppable reality. A performance about deterioration and vulnerability in times that everything seems influenceable, if you have enough means. In this comedy with sharp dialogues and bold choreographies between performer and puppets, Paiva shows all facets of his unparalleled talent.
18 FEB
Gold & New | Introdans

Saying goodbye to audience favourites and making space for new creations: that’s the aim of Introdans in its rich jubilee programme Gold & New. Death and the Maiden, Boléro, Rossini Cards, Memory of a Shape and the astoundingly beautiful La Morte del Cigno, combined with pieces by young(er) choreographers who will be creating work at Introdans in the coming years.
19 FEB
Joy, Enjoy Joy | WArd/waRD

In Joy Enjoy Joy choreographer Ann Van den Broek takes a different approach. Her dark and heavy side gets a lighter edge and lands in the melancholic regions of pleasant, but past memories. Joy Enjoy Joy follows the flow of life, down-to-earth and dynamic. It is a steady, driving and pulsating stream, moving constantly, never stopping. A stream that shimmers like reflecting light. A glamorous dream, restless and full of energy.
24 FEB
followfollow (14+) | van fABULEUS

followfollow is a dance production about following and followers. About inspiring, copying and imitating. About fashion that appears, disappears and returns. About walking in step and countermovements. About selfies and the latest TikTok challenges. About giving thumbs up and giving hearts. About group and peer pressure. About chasing your heart and trying to be yourself in a world full of contradictions. About searching for identity.


Still a bird | Rebecca Lenaerts

Still a bird is a wordless intimate performance, on the crossroads between theatre, dance and visual arts, exploring the tension between humans and nature, between appearing and disappearing, between physical and imaginative realm.
13 MAA
de Troostprijs (7+) | De Stilte

Humor and the ability to put things into perspective make De Troostprijs an ode to the human dimension. The smallest human ever was 54 centimeters, the tallest human 2 meters 72. Seen from the moon the same length.


Raymonda | Dutch National Ballet

For the first time in the Netherlands, we are presenting our own production of Marius Petipa’s legendary ballet Raymonda; a sample sheet of classical ballet technique, which is famed for its wonderful character dances.

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